Seraniti combines the best of the east and the west to address issues of mental health and depression

Consider this – at least 40 percent of people in India suffer from significant stress. This is a conservative estimate and when converted into numbers, research shows that more than 400 million people suffer from stress that develops and manifests itself in the form ofdepression, anxiety and its consequent problems like anger, addictions, relationship issues Read more about Seraniti combines the best of the east and the west to address issues of mental health and depression[…]


Launching “Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program”

Since launching in May 2016, we have closely worked with our clients and supporters to seek feedback on how to improve our services and design new programs most appropriate for you. Based on your feedback, we are proud to launch Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program. Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program is designed to support you over six Read more about Launching “Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program”[…]



OZY  recently carried an article on mental health situation in India “Either you are depressed or you know someone in your family who’s depressed. It’s that common,” Bhat told Dutt, who cited the statistic that almost 40 percent of the country had depression. “In my opinion, this is the result of a fast-changing society, and if Read more about INDIA: MODEL FOR A NEW PSYCHIATRY?[…]


Dating Apps, Relationships and the New India

The gradual attrition of social norms – India is a young country and one where socialism and traditional norms are giving way to more individualistic lifestyles. People are more free to do what they want to do, rather than worry about repercussions in society. The explosion of social media, Tinder and similar dating apps – Read more about Dating Apps, Relationships and the New India[…]


Fear & Courage

“It’s kind of an awkward view because you’ve never seen a black sky. And at that moment, you realise you’ve accomplished something really big.” Felix Baumgartner On October 14th, Felix Baumgartner, a 43 year old Austrian broke the sound barrier and the free-fall record by jumping from a balloon more than 39 kilometers in the Read more about Fear & Courage[…]


Integrating the Mind, Brain, Body, and Spirit

In contemporary psychiatry, the emphasis is usually on biological aspects of the illness. Psychiatrists study how the brain changes during an illness and what kinds of medicines are needed to normalize brain chemistry. This has not always been the case – Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychiatry was a neurologist by training, but he Read more about Integrating the Mind, Brain, Body, and Spirit[…]