Gain stability, flexibility and balance in life again

Depression & painful emotions are best healed with an integrated approach - with an understanding of brain, mind, body, culture and soul.

Many people suffer needlessly, and struggle on in life, without enjoying or living life to their full potential.

Others become sad or dejected after a setback in their personal or professional life.

Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program combines the best of eastern and western healing practices in a synergistic manner to help you heal and achieve your goals.

Benefits of Seraniti Online Integrative Therapy

Positive Mood

Break-free from the clutches of mood swings and experience positivity all around you.

Peace & Joy

Restore tranquillity back into your life. Prepare for a blissful existence.

Purpose and Meaning

Rediscover your life’s true purpose. Turn your dreams into reality.

Enhanced Clarity

Cut through the clutter and concentrate on what matters most in life.

Mental Toughness

Strengthen your mental powers as you prepare to face the world with renewed hope.


Experience a sense of accomplishment in all walks of life.

Focus & Concentration

Put an end to the nagging voices inside your head as you complete tasks with precision.

Better relationships

Revitalize and repair your relationships as you live life to the fullest.


Get in touch with your truest, best self and realize your true potential.

Stop struggling with bad moods, fear, stress, low energy...

Mental pain is less obvious than physical pain, but it is more common and harder to bear. People often conceal mental pain, because of shame, stigma and misconceptions. But hiding the pain, only increases the burden. It’s easier to say 'My head is sore' than it is to say 'My mind is hurting!'

If you're depressed, stressed, have low energy, loss of enjoyment, fearful and anxious, you may feel nothing can help. But this is untrue.

With the right help, you can recover from mental & emotional conditions. Indeed, your emotional pain is a stepping stone to greater insights about your real self. When you learn insights about yourself, you will discover your complete strength and personal power.

It’s time to reclaim your life. It's time to free your unconscious of false images and beliefs. It’s time to completely eliminate stress. It’s time to be your best truest self.

How Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program works?

Our team of integral self therapy specialists will work with you closely at every step of the process.

Assessment session with a integrated therapist

Lifestyle Analysis by our integrated Naturopathy Physician

Diet, supplements and nutrition recommendations

6 one hour integral self therapy sessions, integrating counselling and meditation

Psychometric testing to evaluate personality , stress levels and modifiable factors

Free access to mobile based anonymous support groups for 6 months

A global expert team

Seraniti is founded by India’s leading mind health practitioner and led by a global team of mental health experts.

“My highest joy is to help people regain confidence & find inner peace.”


Founder & India’s leading Mind Health Practitioner

Emotional Healing Program - INR 500 / month

INR 500 per month when paid in advance | INR 700 per month when paid monthly

Sign up for the Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program

  • Whats included in the six months program?
  • Initial Assessment Session
  • One Psychometric Assessment
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis
  • One Integral self therapy session per month (Total 6 sessions)
  • Free access to anonymous support groups

* Your information is kept completely private & confidential

Frequently asked questions

Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program is a six months program which combines the best of eastern and western healing practices in a synergistic manner to help you heal and achieve your goals.

At Seraniti, you speak with and meet your therapist via video conferencing, phone or text.

  • Seraniti Video Consultation - We use a video consulting platform similar to services such as Skype/Google Hangout, but offers a high definition encrypted video for convenience and confidentiality.
  • Phone - We also conduct therapy and counseling over the telephone, Our therapists are trained in hearing the nuances of voice and our results suggest that phone therapy is as effective as video or face to face therapy, depending on your preference.
  • Text - While it’s not suitable for all issues, wherever possible and useful , we can offer text based therapy. We will suggest the best platform for you in our initial assessment.

In some cases, we might use a combination of all three above based on individual needs.

If you have repeated feelings of Sadness, Anger, Fear, Worry, Insomnia, Stress or Fatigue, this program is designed for you

Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program costs INR 500 per month (when paid in advance), ie INR 3000 for six months. If you prefer, you can also sign up for monthly plan which is INR 700 per month

Accessible and Convenient - You get high quality professional mental health services wherever you are in the world.

Confidential - Our encrypted technology and trained professionals ensures complete confidentiality.

Affordable - Due to lower overhead costs, we are able to offer high quality therapy on our online video platform at a significant saving compared to face-to-face therapy.

At, we integrate insights from Eastern and Western psychotherapy to help each individual meet the challenges of living in the 21st century.

We can help heal a range of emotional issues

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Emotional trauma
  • Stress and stress-related issues, such as insomnia, anger, irritability, fatigue,and addictions.
  • Relationship issues and Sexual Health

In order to decide how our services can help you, we would recommend an assessment session with our integrated therapist. To schedule a session, click here.

At Seraniti, we offer an integrated and individualized emotional healing solution.

Simply contact us and one of our psychologists will call you back for an initial assessment call, that is free of cost.

Based on your needs and goals, we will determine and assign the best therapist for you. Your therapist will then begin the process of counseling and therapy, using an approach most suited to your needs. During the course of therapy, if any other team member’s service is required, we will request this after discussing with you.

Therapy sessions are usually 1 hour long. The number and frequency of sessions varies according to your goals and your current situation.

In some ways, its like asking , how long do I have to go to the gym? That depends on what you want the end result to be, your current situation and other factors.

Having said that, the usual frequency is one session per week.

Traditional approach to therapy is based on a fragmented approach. While this is sufficient in some cases, our belief is that individuals do not operate in silos. We are shaped and influenced by our culture, relationships and the complex interplay of mind, body and brain. Our practice is based on an integral approach which integrates a deep understanding of mind, brain, body, relationships, culture and soul, using insights and knowledge of western medicine & psychiatry.

We believe in a team based approach - we do not believe that any one approach or person can help you heal completely. When needed we work together to meet your needs creating an integrated approach for your needs.

High degree of professionalism - from the protocols of therapy, to our complete confidentiality to our integrated approach, we are always guided by the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

Driven by Expertise – Our team is constantly learning from new research and ongoing training of our team is an integral part of Seraniti, so we can bring the latest evidence based approach to our work with you.

When you consider yourself, you are a unified, holistic being -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul.

Modern medicine however is built on the idea of specialization - of understanding each part of the body in depth, but unfortunately isolated from the rest of the body and mind.

For example, a specialist might study the heart without studying in depth the effects of mood and the mind on cardiovascular function; or a doctor may treat a person’s blood pressure without exploring the spiritual aspects of the person’s life which may have an effect on their blood pressure.

At Seraniti , we understand that -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul are interwoven and we approach issues with a deep understanding of these different elements and how they interplay with each other.

The integrated approach at Seraniti is based on this very broad and deep knowledge base, and every therapist is trained in integration.

The Seraniti Integrated Approach bridges the gaps that exist in the system psychologists are not trained in brain sciences; and psychiatrists often are not well versed in counseling and talk therapy; the body is usually relegated to other practitioners and spirituality often not explored or integrated with treatment.

Our integrated approach is an individualized and scientific way of combining psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, movement therapy, Yoga and meditation, to achieve transformative results.

In 2006 Dr Bhat formulated and developed Integral Self Therapy, a research proven method that integrates an understanding of -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul to achieve emotional wellness and balance.

We have 2 papers published in international journals proving the efficacy of Integral Self Therapy.

Our internal data shows that the IST approach results in more than 85% remission rates, with a significant percentage of people reporting peak performance, more than ever before.

If you haven’t achieved your potential it is usually because of either or both of these two causes

You are unaware of your true potential and strengths. You are living a life that is not consistent with who you really are.

You have subconscious blocks and fears that are not allowing you to connect with your true potential.

Our integrated therapists help you maximize your potential by removing internal and subconscious blocks and fears. We use eastern spiritual practices along with western science to help align your goals and choices with your true self.