How does therapy work?

Therapy helps clients gain insights and better explore their feelings, thoughts and actions. We believe that every individual is unique and special. Our process at Seraniti is designed to help us understand your need and create the best integrated approach to assist you. Our encyrpted technology and trained professionals ensure complete confidentiality, easy access and high convenience through our different modes of therapy

Our Process

At Seraniti, we envision a world that celebrates mental wellbeing. Our processes are designed keeping your best interests in mind, making mental health services, accessible, transparent, convenient, and empowering.

Step 1

You fill up a small form to help us contact you.

Step 2

Schedule a brief call with one of our therapists to help understand your concerns better. The team assigns a professional well-suited to your needs.

Step 3

Session is scheduled based on the therapist’s availability and a confirmation email with the therapeutic contract is sent to you.

Step 4

Therapy begins. In between homework will be given.

Step 5

Regular evaluation and reassessment is done.

Step 6

A continuation plan along with checking schedule is provided.

Modes of Therapy

Adding advantage of convenience and assurance of confidentiality.

Video consultation

Telephonic consultation

In-person consultation

Text based consultation

Happier you, better life

Collective experiences of people we have helped.