October 31, 2018

Seraniti is now part of the CureFit Family

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At Seraniti, our mission has always been to provide integrated mental wellness services to our clients. As we enter into the next phase of this mission, we want to share some exciting news with you.

We are pleased to inform you that with effect from November 1, 2018, Seraniti’s mental healthcare operations will be acquired by mind.fit – part of the cure.fit group and will be rebranded as mind.fit.

mind.fit is a one-stop mental wellness solution with Yoga, Meditation and Therapy Services. mind.fit offers group sessions of Yoga, Meditation and Group Therapy, at 8 mind.fit centres across Bangalore along with 1-on-1 Therapy. The cure.fit app also has Yoga and Meditation videos/audios for users to practice from the comfort of their homes.

We believe the acquisition is a win-win for all our clients, as it will improve convenience (8 additional locations and video sessions), offer a robust digital platform and ensure effective treatment by the best of therapists and psychiatrists.

Continuity of the trust and relationship established between you and your therapist at Seraniti is of prime importance to us in the journey of achieving each of our client’s mental wellness. Please refer to the following FAQ if you are an existing client of ours. To book an appointment please download the cure.fit app and follow instructions.


How are Seraniti and mind.fit coming together?
We are excited to share that Seraniti and cure.fit have decided to merge operations together to bring to you mind.fit. With mind.fit, you will now be able to get the access to all Seraniti services along with group therapy sessions, yoga and meditation across any of the 8 mind.fit centers present in Bangalore. In addition, you can schedule your online sessions from any part of the world.

Will my therapist and/or psychiatrist change?
No, your attending therapist and psychiatrist will continue to take your sessions even after Seraniti becomes mind.fit.

What is mind.fit?
mind.fit is your one stop mental fitness solution. Think of it as a gym for your mind. mind.fit has a variety of offerings including yoga, meditation, therapy. Be it stress reduction, improving your sleep, improving focus, reducing anxiety, or exercising your body-mind combined, there is a format available for all your needs to stay mind fit.

You can take mind.fit yoga & meditation sessions either at our state of the art mind.fit centers or at home with our do-it-yourself (DIY) videos.

What is Cure.fit?
Cure.fit is a one stop health and fitness destination. Cure.fit’s services range from workout classes to healthy food and yoga & meditation to primary healthcare. Cure.fit currently offer 4 products
1. Cult.fit – With more than 75 centers across the country, cult.fit offers a variety of workouts that can be done both at a cult.fit center as group classes and at home with the help of do it yourself (DIY) workout videos.
2. Eat.fit – We serve fresh, healthy, calorie counted meals without refined sugar, added flavour and preservatives across Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad.
3. Mind.fit – Mind.fit offers yoga, meditation and therapy, all of which focus on building a healthier fitter mind.
4. Care.fit – care.fit is your personal doctor! At care.fit, the best of General Physicians, Paediatricians and Lifestyle Coaches provide a holistic care. Our state of the art clinic is located in Bangalore.

Download the cure.fit app or check out the website to know more.

What changes can I expect when Seraniti becomes mind.fit?
As for your therapist and/or psychiatrist and sessions, nothing changes! But you will see the following:
● Attractive introductory Pricing and Packages. Visit https://www.cure.fit/mind for more details.
● Access to more mind.fit therapy centers: Therapy will now be available at more than just one center. You can get sessions at any of our mind.fit centers in Bangalore.
● Booking of sessions through the cure.fit app: Therapy sessions can now be booked from the cure.fit app.

Will I be able to attend yoga & meditation sessions at the mind.fit centers?
Most certainly! You can either buy a mind.fit pack from our app or website or pay per individual session at mind.fit.

Will there be a change in the way I book a therapy session?
You can book a therapy session from the cure.fit app. You will no longer be able to book a session through the Seraniti app.

Here’s how you can book a therapy session from the cure.fit app:

● Log into the cure.fit app
● Tap Shop
● Pick ‘mind.fit’
● Pick ‘1 on 1 therapy’
● Pick a preferred center and time slot
● Make a payment

That’s all!

If you have further questions write to us at talktous@seraniti.com