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About Seraniti’s Integrated Approach

At Seraniti , we understand that -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul are interwoven and we approach issues with a deep understanding of these different elements and how they interplay. The integrated approach at Seraniti is based on this broad and deep knowledge base, and every therapist is trained in integration. Our integrated approach is an individualized and scientific way of combining psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, mindfulness and meditation, to achieve transformative results.

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How does therapy work?

At, we integrate insights from Eastern and Western psychotherapy to help each individual meet the challenges of living in the 21st century. We help through weekly therapy sessions, exploring the emotional issues, the predisposing factors and adapt sustainable techniques necessary for a client's wellbeing.


Seraniti video consultation -

We use a video consulting platform similar to services such as Skype/Hangout, but offers a high definition encrypted video.


Telephonic consultation -

A secure and confidential telephonic sessions will be scheduled for therapy or psychiatrist consultation, there by ensuring privacy of the client.


In-person consultation -

In-person/Face-to-face sessions will be scheduled at our clinics. Consultation requires a prior appointment.


Text-Based Consultation -

A short term text engagement with our trained professionals helps gain insight into the problems and explore further therapeutic options for wellness and healing.

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Services we offer

We provide online and in-person counselling and therapy services - combining western psychotherapy with eastern healing practices, tailored to your specific needs. At Seraniti, we follow a holistic approach to wellness through the Integral Self Therapy model, formulated by Dr. Shyam Bhat specifically designed for the new India.

Dealing with

When we suffer from depression, it slowly and steadily disrupts our ability to experience the world around. We will support you in building helpful coping mechanisms, and inner strength to overcome difficult phases and adapt to life with positivity with appropriate psychiatric and therapeutic care.

Marital & Relationship

We often experience conflict or discomfort in the bonds. These disturbances cause distress and disrupt the harmony within and among the relationships. We help you identify the stressors and help maintain your psychological wellbeing as an individual, couple and family.

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour Management

When we experience repetitive thoughts or sensations (obsessions) that cause distress, it could drive you into compulsive behaviours. We will be helping you identify and understand the triggers and stressors and in learning skillful management of responses which help reduce the anxiety and fear.


Everyone has moments in their life where they feel anxious. It's usually a worry about future events or the outcome which interferes with your life at a functional level. Seraniti intervention is customised towards healing anxiety by addressing the root cause rather than just the symptoms.

Managing Bipolar

We experience moods fluctuations of being extremely unstable, often affecting the daily activities. This could also have an impact on your work, relationships and personal life. With our integrative approach of psychiatric support and psychotherapy we help you address challenges in managing the condition.

Panic Attacks

A panic attack is an intense onset of fear that is often debilitating accompanied by physical symptoms. At Seraniti, our therapists will help restructure your thinking patterns and behaviours that are triggering panic attacks, eventually eliminating it entirely or loosening its hold on you.


Phobias can be an incredibly debilitating experience as it’s possible to be fully aware that the fear is irrational but still feel powerless to control. Our therapist will provide consistent support and guidance in a step-by-step manner that is not overwhelming or frightening and help work your way from there.


Anger, when not effectively managed, can become intensified & cause issues in relationships, and for ourselves. Learning tips and tools to deal with it effectively is essential to living an optimal life. At Seraniti, our therapists help explore the roots of anger and help examine the triggers, provide a safe, controlled environment and develop techniques to manage.

Other Mental
Health Issues

We often face challenges such as interpersonal issues, work stress, issues with sleep or nightmares, relationships, etc. These can potentially hamper our functioning, our goals, evoke anger, irritability or other emotional/mood disturbances. At Seraniti, our therapeutic intervention looks at identifying the root cause and explore ways to deal with it and transform our lives.

Benefits of Therapy

Positive Mood

Break-free from the clutches of mood swings and experience positivity.

Enhanced Clarity

Cut through the clutter and concentrate on what matters most in life.

Better relationships

Revitalize and repair your relationships as you live life to the fullest.

Retold & Reclaimed

Retold & Reclaimed is a collection of stories, narratives, essays, poems, sketches and paintings by the clients and therapists at Seraniti. They portray their personal battles and victories with mental health issues.

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