Dating Apps, Relationships and the New India

The gradual attrition of social norms – India is a young country and one where socialism and traditional norms are giving way to more individualistic lifestyles. People are more free to do what they want to do, rather than worry about repercussions in society.
The explosion of social media, Tinder and similar dating apps – for the first time in history, people can meet and connect with those outside their immediate social circle anywhere, anytime. The promise of love and sex is only an app away.

Our biology, already designed to seek love, sex and attachment, is now inundated with choice. Not satisfied with this person? Swipe left and find another person. Not happy in this relationship? Why waste time trying to figure it out when a better person may be waiting for you on your phone. Tinder and dating apps are the refined sugar of love, romance and dating. And so, relationships start to breakdown, sometimes even before they have begun. Commitment is more difficult; tolerance and patience are less. Apps make comparisons inevitable, and the person you know can easily seem less appealing than the glossy fantasy offered by the next profile.

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