Building a Community of Support for You

We are excited to launch a new initiative to mark the World Mental Health Day 2016 – Seraniti Mutual Support Groups for you and your loved ones.

We know how tough it can be – to be heard and understood. To truly find people who will listen. Without judgement. And who will relate to you as an individual.

Community support groups are known to provide that key connection between people who are on similar journeys and we are proud to launch – Seraniti Mutual Support Group Initiative for our clients, care givers and people interested in supporting each other.

Starting with Bangalore, and later with key cities, we are inviting people to register to join our support groups – both online and in person. Seraniti Mutual Support Groups will meet in person on fixed dates, and the meetings will be facilitated by our trained Integrative Self Therapist. If you are interested in joining a Mutual Support Group, please register here.

To facilitate interaction online, we are also launching an android app in partnership with which will enable creating mutual support groups from the comfort of your homes and offices. You can even choose to be anonymous on these mutual support groups. To register as an early user of the android app, please register here.

We hope that the Seraniti Mutual Support Groups will provide another way for you to achieve your highest potential. And bring peace of mind for you, driven by our expertise.

– Dr Shyam Bhat & Team Seraniti