In Person Sessions

Over the last six months, as we worked with our clients, we have constantly sought feedback to improve our services. And some of them have specifically said they are seeking a face to face interaction with our team.

Our motto is Peace of Mind is Yours, Expertise Ours.

So, we offered face to face therapy sessions on a selective basis to a few clients who were uncomfortable with online therapy. Many of our clients come for one session in person and do the rest of the sessions online via our secure platform. Online is much more convenient and can be done from the comfort of your house/office.

Today, we do 90% of our therapy sessions online and rest in person. Our Integrated Self Therapy trained team is adept in handling both online and in-person sessions.

As we complete six months, we seek your inputs on how we have done till now.

I am comfortable with Online Therapy                               Yes                                No
I am more comfortable with In Person Therapy               Yes                                No
I have not used seraniti services yet                                    Planning To                 Not Relevant

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