Launching “Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program”

Since launching in May 2016, we have closely worked with our clients and supporters to seek feedback on how to improve our services and design new programs most appropriate for you.

Based on your feedback, we are proud to launch Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program. Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program is designed to support you over six months using our proven Integrated Self Therapy Approach.


Gain stability, flexibility and balance in life again

Depression & painful emotions are best healed with an integrated approach – with an understanding of brain, mind, body, culture and soul.

Many people suffer needlessly, and struggle on in life, without enjoying or living life to their full potential.

Others become sad or dejected after a setback in their personal or professional life.

Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program combines the best of eastern and western healing practices in a synergistic manner to help you heal and achieve your goals.


How Seraniti Integrated Emotional Healing Program works?

Our team of integral self therapy specialists will work with you closely at every step of the process.

Assessment session with a integrated therapist

Lifestyle Analysis by our integrated Naturopathy Physician

Diet, supplements and nutrition recommendations

6 one hour integral self therapy sessions, integrating counselling and meditation

Psychometric testing to evaluate personality , stress levels and modifiable factors

Free access to mobile based anonymous support groups for 6 months*