Seraniti combines the best of the east and the west to address issues of mental health and depression

Consider this – at least 40 percent of people in India suffer from significant stress. This is a conservative estimate and when converted into numbers, research shows that more than 400 million people suffer from stress that develops and manifests itself in the form ofdepression, anxiety and its consequent problems like anger, addictions, relationship issues and, in the worst cases, suicide and death.

We all know that stress affects our life and health adversely and is a malady that needs to be addressed, but we often prefer to ignore it. Started in March 2016, Seraniti leverages technology to provide high quality empathic, effective counselling and psychotherapy services through an online platform to help people tackle stress and its detrimental effects.

Serenity through Seraniti

Seraniti integrates western psychological insights with eastern wisdom and practices. “At Seraniti we use insights, practices and techniques from both the West and the East, and we integrate them for the new India – for those who are living in a time of great cultural transition and socio-economic change,” Says Dr. Shyam Bhat, Founder and CEO,