Retold and Reclaimed


In India, mental illness is still considered taboo and many people refuse to acknowledge it  as a valid and serious condition. Retold & Reclaimed is about making a hidden population visible, giving a voice to the silenced and bringing areas clouded by stigma to light.

Retold & Reclaimed is a collection of stories, narratives, essays, poems, sketches and paintings by the clients and therapists at Seraniti. They portray their personal battles and victories with mental health issues.

We, as mental health professionals, are moved and inspired by the stories our clients share with us every single day. We are amazed by their strength, resiliency and ability to be vulnerable and trust us. We recognize how difficult it is to navigate a tedious mental health system and seek help often with no support from family or friends.


We hope that their stories and art will help you understand mental health issues and empathize with their struggles and pain. For those of you who have had similar experiences, we hope these stories will give you hope and the strength to keep fighting.

Many of you may never know what it feels like to constantly second guess yourself, to question reality  or to be in the midst of darkness and despair. These narratives and artwork will give you an insight into the feelings, thoughts and experiences of a diverse set of individuals dealing with a wide range of problems.

For our clients who have decided to contribute, we hope it was an empowering experience to share your stories with other people and be an agent of change and movement. It is not easy to reveal the most difficult moments of your life to strangers on the internet.

For your courage, we applaud you.

Thank you,

Team Seraniti

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