Building Better Relationships – A challenge for all of us.

Relationships are at the core of our existence as human beings. With the world bringing us together – closer and faster, yet causing us to become more distant; relationships in the 21st century have taken a complex turn. Emerging norms that are complex to understand, now govern almost all our relationships. These challenges are not only limited to couples but are also seen in parent-child relationships, relationships with in-laws and, between friends and colleagues.

Amidst all this, we sometimes need assistance to understand what a loved one seeks from the relationship, or how to resolve conflicts in a relationship or how to communicate to be better understood.

Relationship Counseling caters to these challenges – it provides insight into the problems, enhances empathy, improves communication and problem-solving skills. It helps set realistic expectations in a relationship and aims to achieve harmony.

Types of counseling

  • Relationship counseling – Therapists provide a supportive environment, addressing specific problems to help bring positive changes in one’s relationship with parents, children, friends or partner. The aim is to build insight to help them manage the relationship better, identify and reconcile troublesome differences, as well as recognizing patterns of behavior that strain the relationship.
  • Marital counseling – Marital counseling deals specifically with issues within and around marital relations. The aim here is not just to resolve issues but bring transformative changes towards a stable fulfilling relationship.
  • Premarital counseling– A common myth is that, counseling should be sought when things are beyond one’s ability to manage. Premarital counseling centers around knowing your own and your partner’s expectations and attitude towards marriage. It focuses on learning to communicate, to resolve conflicts effectively, and to realistically prepare for the challenges of marriage.
  • Loss of relationship counseling – Loss of a relationship due to break-up, separation and divorce, or death, can be an intensely painful experience, that most of us experience at some point in life. Though the cause of the loss may vary the emotions one goes through are quite similar. Counseling at this juncture can help one cope with one’s feelings, restore normalcy in life, heal the psychological wounds that the loss may have caused, and help you move on.

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Bhargavi Kerur
Bhargavi specialises in relationship counselling where she focuses on the strengths and helps maintain a positive attitude. Her approach is to build an awareness about self and relationships with the family, couple, friends and workplace. She supports her clients in identifying conflicts, communication patterns and equips them skills towards resolution. She also integrates mindfulness based techniques in her work.

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Hemasri Ravisundar
Hemasri has pecialised with marriage and family therapy during her Master’s Programme, she has been dealing with relationship issues, couple issues, and marital conflicts among couples for past 2 years. Her therapy and counselling sessions are tailored with the client’s cultural needs and traditional value system.

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Debasmita Sinha
Debasmita has done her MA in Clinical Psychology and received formal training in CBT. She has 8 years of experience in mental health and counseling. In this time she has worked extensively with relationship related issues from marital premarital and family counseling to helping people cope with the loss of a relationship. Her approach is primarily client centric combined with CBT.

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