January 9, 2016

About Seraniti

Founded by award-winning mind health practitioner Dr. Bhat

Seraniti is the first of its kind in the world. We use an integration of Eastern and Western psychotherapeutic techniques and proprietary techniques of transformation called Integral Self Therapy (developed by Dr Shyam Bhat.) Integral Self Therapy is an integration of the philosophy and psychological practices of east and west.

At Seraniti, we integrate insights from Eastern and Western psychotherapy to help each individual meet the challenges of living in the 21st century by connecting with the timelessness of the cosmic self as well as the uniqueness of the individual self.

Unlike many other online platforms that offer psychotherapy, at Seraniti, all the psychotherapists are in-house and part of a team. All therapists undergo rigorous training in Integral Self-Therapy , as well as cognitive therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, existential psychotherapy, client centered therapy and so on. The therapists are closely supervised by senior psychiatrists including Dr. Shyam Bhat and are always engaged in continual learning and education.

We also pride ourselves on our values. The values of Serenity are as follows.
– Empathy for the individual. Ability to connect with and appreciate different individuals, in the contenxt of their unique history and culture.
– Non-judgmental and accepting.
– Highest integrity. All actions are done for the benefit of the client (Please see clinical values).
– Growth and development. All the sessions at Serenity are geared towards the growth and development of the individual and ultimately positive transformation. We see each problem and each challenge as an opportunity for learning and transformation.

We do not see depression and anxiety as diseases as themselves but rather as a result of a mismatch between temperament, genetics and environment. We see depression and anxiety not just as a condition but also an opportunity for greater growth and learning.



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