February 27, 2018


We believe that our clients need to be heard and understood. Our team at Seraniti is qualified and experienced to provide the best integrated approach to assist you. We also regularly invest in training and personal wellbeing of our own team.


Seraniti Fees are tiered according to the specialisation required and mode of delivery.

numbers-1  ONLINE (for 50-60 mins sessions)

   Psychotherapy Fees – INR 1500            Psychiatrist Fees – INR 2500 per 50-60 mins

numbers-1  IN-CLINIC (for 50-60 mins sessions)
  Psychotherapy Fees – INR 2000           Psychiatrist Fees – INR 3000 per 50-60 mins


  Please contact our team regarding specialist services like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)