February 27, 2018


When you consider yourself, you are a unified, holistic being -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul.

Modern medicine however is built on the idea of specialization – of understanding each part of the body in depth, but unfortunately isolated from the rest of the body and mind.

For example, a specialist might study the heart without studying in depth the effects of mood and the mind on cardiovascular function; or a doctor may treat a person’s blood pressure without exploring the spiritual aspects of the person’s life which may have an effect on their blood pressure.

At Seraniti , we understand that -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul are interwoven and we approach issues with a deep understanding of these different elements and how they interplay with each other.

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The integrated approach at Seraniti is based on this very broad and deep knowledge base, and every therapist is trained in integration.

The Seraniti Integrated Approach bridges the gaps that exist in the system psychologists are not trained in brain sciences; and psychiatrists often are not well versed in counseling and talk therapy; the body is usually relegated to other practitioners and spirituality often not explored or integrated with treatment.

Our integrated approach is an individualized and scientific way of combining psychiatry, psychotherapy, counseling, movement therapy, Yoga and meditation, to achieve transformative results.

In 2006 Dr Bhat formulated and developed Integral Self Therapy, a research proven method that integrates an understanding of -mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul to achieve emotional wellness and balance.



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